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Google+ Is Rolling Out Custom URLs To More People

google+ custom urlI got an email last night from Google telling me that I can now have a custom URL for my Google+ account. This is awesome, because Google+ was one of the few popular social media accounts that did not offer this. The URL that Google+ reserved for me was This makes it so much easier to share or market your Google+ profile or page with others.

google+ custom url +tonymai 

The process was simple. I just clicked on the “Get Started” button on the email I received, verified my mobile number, and viola! Now my Google+ URL is nice and short (and memorable). Alternatively, if you are pre-approved, you should see a notification on the top of your Google+ page or profile. No longer do I have to tell people to go to to visit my profile.

According to the Google Help Center, the requirements to be eligible for getting a custom URL are:

  • Ten or more followers
  • Your account is 30 days old or more
  • A profile photo

If you are planning to use Google+ seriously (personal- or business-use) and don’t meet these requirements, I would get on top of that.

One down side that my company’s social media co-op observed when setting one up for our company is that there is currently no way to change the custom URL to something other than what Google reserved for you. This can be a bummer when trying to standardize your business’s social media URLs across the board. According to the Google+ Page comments, it seemed like a lot of others have the same concern, too. Let’s hope Google changes it to allow you to really customize your own URL.