Content Marketing

Need Help Generating Content? Repurpose, Reformat, Recycle.

When you started doing content marketing, “this was easy,” you thought. You had a bunch of great ideas that you wrote and produced. But then you started to run out of ideas. It seems like you’ve exhausted your entire content idea bank. What else can you write about next?

Repurpose Existing Blogs

repurposeTry repurposing. You have a lot of existing content and a huge percentage of that content will get buried somewhere on your website. If those pieces of content are good content, why not repurpose them and re-present them to your audience again?¬†Don’t let a good content go to waste.

Find blogs that are over a year old. If you have many blog articles, look at the ones that are most successful (based on number of views and comments).

  • Repurpose it.
  • Write a follow-up blog based on a specific section of the successful post or on its comments.
  • Break down popular blog posts and write a series of more-specific/detailed articles based on each section of the original post.
  • You can also do it vice-versa. Find multiple detailed posts on a similar topic and write an overview blog article based on those posts.

Reformat Existing Content

generating content ideasEverybody learns and absorbs content differently. As I mentioned in my previous blog article,¬†SEO Do’s and Don’ts:

One person might prefer to read a white paper, while another person might prefer to read a series of blogs. The same person might prefer to look at visual infographics, while another might prefer to watch and listen to a video demonstration instead.

Different types of media are better at explaining different things. Reformat your content into multiple types of content (text, video, images, etc).