Inception: Survey Plants Marketing Idea in Your Head using Jedi Mind Tricks


I received a message from my friend that caught my attention when I signed onto Facebook this morning. She had an interesting experience with a company called Kiip after downloading a mobile app onto her smartphone. According to Wikipedia, Kipp is a “mobile rewards network that enables brands and companies to prompt consumers for commercial offers on virtual achievements.”

Here is what she said:

Hey Tony, I just had sort of an interesting experience with Kiip. I downloaded the 8tracks app and liked a song. Then, Kiip gave me a notification saying that I can redeem MP3 credit. If I’d like to redeem, just click enter (my email address was already filled into the box). I normally wouldn’t go for this, but I learned about Kiip recently and sort of have a crush on the founder, so I decided to click redeem.

I got my MP3 reward sent to my email with an advertisement for BENGAY (cold pain reliever). There’s a link that says, “Have 30 seconds to answer a couple of questions?” I clicked on that and it took me to a page that says there’s a sweepstakes for 1 out of 10 $250 rewards if I answer a few questions.